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Hello teachers,

We have substituted the regular lesson plan for vocabulary word lists per lesson as well as ideas for games and activities. There is a word list for the core curriculum and one for the thematic unit. In many cases, teachers cover vocabulary words in the core curriculum that were not assigned (which is totally fine), just make sure you mark that in the lesson plan log. The core curriculum vocabulary words can be switched from lesson to lesson.

I know in many cases it is quite a bit of vocabulary and you may not be able to cover it all. There are two review lessons this semester (one for the week of October 10-14 and one for the week of November 14-18). You have the freedom to use those classes to review or to spend more time reviewing each class, and use those two classes to also cover thematic unit content. Please let me know if you have any questions in this regard.

The first progress reports must be delivered no later than October 28, and the second progress reports must be delivered no later than December 2. It is very important that we have a copy at the office for every students, so please email me the reports before you send them home with the students.

I have kept two sample lesson plans per language. Please let me know if you need help assigning games/activities to go with the word lists.



Spanish sample lesson plan: My Big City – Lesson 1 (K-5)

“My Big City” – Spanish Word Lists


Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese Lesson Plans

My Big City – Lesson 1 (Mandarin)

My Big City – Lesson 2 (Mandarin)

My Big City – Lesson 3 (Mandarin)

My Big City – Lesson 4 (Mandarin)




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