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My Big City

Thematic Unit Resources


This Fall 2016, we will be working on the thematic unit “My Big City”. We will be adding new exercises related to the thematic unit each week. Please note that some exercises are designed for preschool students and some for elementary school students.

If you have any questions regarding this exercises, please email us at or call us at 281-565-1388.

We recommend all students visit our Quizlet page.


Lesson 1 – Activities

Ejercicio2.1.2 – Exercise about how we feel (Bien / Mal / Más o menos)

Ejercicio 2.1.3 A – Nationalities exercise – Part A

Ejercicio 2.1.3 B – Nationalities exercise – Part B


Lesson 2 – Activities

Ejercicio 2.2.1 – Exercise to practice animal cognates.

Ejercicio 2.2.2 – Exercise to practice the names of colors.

Ejercicio 2.2.3 – Exercise to practice the names of colors.


Lesson 3 – Activities

Ejercicio 2.3.1 – Exercise to keep practicing the name of colors.

Ejercicio 2.3.2 – Exercise about telling our age.

Ejercicio 2.3.3 – Colors word search.


Lesson 4 – Activities


Lessons 5  REVIEW


Lesson 6 – Activities

Ejercicio 2.7.1 – Exercise to practice the days of the week and sentence structures.


Lesson 7- Activities

Ejercicio 2.8.1 – Exercise to practice the days of the week.


Lesson 8 – Activities

Ejercicio 2.9.1– Exercise to practice the months of the year.



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