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Dear teachers!

Welcome to the Teacher’s Lounge page. In this page, you will be able to submit payroll, enter your class reports, upload your sign-out sheets, enter your lesson plan logs and request reimbursements.

Thank you for being a part of our wonderful team!

View Lesson Plans

Access the lesson plans for the current thematic unit here.

Submit Lesson Log

Use this form to enter the vocabulary words and sentence structures you covered in your class this week. Please make sure you enter this information every day you teach a class as we will use it to put together the weekly email for parents for each school and we would like to personalize the newsletter for each school. If you want to enter more than one school per log, please make sure to write the names of all the schools and only do so if you covered EXACTLY the same content in all the classes entered under the same log.

Tutoring Login

Use this form to login your tutoring sessions. Please login your tutoring sessions on the day you provided the tutoring. This is very important to keep accurate and updated records of tutoring sessions.

Upload Sign-Out Sheets

Use this form to upload the sign-out sheets in a daily manner. This is now the only way in which the sign out sheets may be submitted. This form is directly related to safety issues so it is imperative that is is submitted every day you teach a class in which children are being dismissed to parents and/or school staff directly. A maximum of 3  sign-out sheets can be entered in one form. If you need to enter more sign-out sheets, please use additional forms.

Enter payroll

Please use this form to submit payroll. As of September 18, 2016, this is the only form in which payroll can be submitted. We are using this form now, instead of the “Work Order Invoice”.

Schedule Change Notification

Please use this form to let us know if you will be going out of town or if you are unable to teach a class. Please let us know with as much time in advance as possible so we can plan ahead.

Please understand that if you have an emergency and are unable to teach a class, you need to contact us IMMEDIATELY. 

Reimbursement Request

Please use this form to request a reimbursement for materials purchased. You have a maximum allowance of $25 for items necessary for the performance of your teaching assignments and that have not been provided to you by Language Kids. Before purchasing materials, please let us know since we may already have what you are looking to purchase.



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